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Thank you for visiting our website!

We at Immanuel Canadian Reformed Church in Edmonton extend a hearty welcome to you. We intend this website to be an instrument in God's hand to be a blessing to you and to many others. Please browse through our website, and learn a little bit about what we are all about. We invite you to listen to one or more of the sermons and to read through our confessions. You will find that we believe and preach that salvation is through grace alone and not through works.

We are a "reformed" church. That means that we go back to the original form that the Lord God has given us in His Word. As such we strive to be biblical, and desire to submit ourselves to the authority of God's Word alone. We are delighted that God has revealed Himself to us, and that He wants to be in a covenant relationship with all those who humble themselves before Him and trust in Him.


As with all our life, we dedicate these pages to the glory of God, and to the promotion of His church and kingdom.

Worship services: Sunday at 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM
Address: 21112 - 35 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6M 2P6
Minister: Vacant