ARPA Action Item – BILL 10

Recently, the Alberta government hurriedly passed Bill 10 which forces all school boards to allow the formation of gay straight alliances in their schools upon the request of a student, and does not allow parents to exclude their children from classes where sexual orientation are discussed. Forcing Christian schools (among others) to allow organizations, activities, and clubs, which violate its own principles is a direct violation of their freedom of religion and association.
the Loyola decision has reinforced the rights of parent to raise their children in their faith. In this Alberta election, please talk to your local candidate. Remind him or her that the State’s role in society is in doing the work that it has been entrusted with (promoting peace, freedom, and order) so that families can do the work they have been entrusted with. As Christians we believe that God has entrusted us with raising our children to fear and love Him. Ask that his legislation be revoked. For more information on this bill and the problems with it, please visit the ARPA Canada website.

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