Text of the Day:



Evangelism Evening - March 15, 2013 by Rev. M. Ramkeson (audio)

Reformation evening - October 27 2012  (audio)



A Humble Effort to Promote Local Evangelism by Rev Paul Murphy


 The Plan for local Evangelism

A Plan for Home Mission Committee.pdf

  Letters and Presentations to the Congregation:

Congregational Meeting - May 12 2008 - Powerpoint
       Congregational Meeting - May 12 2008 - Text
       Letter to congregation - June 8 2008

 God's House:

  • Articles

                   1. How to Reach Out
                   2. Reformed Evangelism
                   3. How Shall we Make Them Come In?
                   4. Its about relationship building
                   5. Evangelism in Practice
                   6. Evangelism: The Church's missionary task in the world (Rev. J.L. Van Popta)
                   7. Reformed Evangelism (Morton Smith)
                   8. What is Reformed Evangelism? (Rev. Ronald Hanko)
                   9. Worldview comes to Wall Street
                   10. Evangelism (Clarion article by A.J. De Visser)    
                          a) Part 1            
                          b) Part 2
                          c) Part 3

  • Speeches/Sermons (note: to download, right click the file and press Save Target As)

                                  note 2: LARGE DOWNLOAD

                   1. Speech from Rev Murphy
                          a) Part 1.
                          b) Part 2.
                          c) Part 3.

                   2. Reformed Evangelism by Rev. Tom. Morrison (United Reformed Church)(MP3 sermon)

                   3. The Kingdom Come by Tom Micer (podcost)

                   4. Your Conduct as a Witness in the World for Christ by Rev. W.B. Slomp                               (Immanuel CanRC)(MP3 sermon) Discussion Guide

                   5. An Evening for Edmonton Urban Evangelism (with Rev. Paul Aasman)                                                               a) Standing Up

                          b) Walking  

                          c) Questions

                   6. Evangelism Workshop (with Rev. A.J. de Visser)                                                                                                       a) Part 1                                                                                                                                                                              b) Part 2

  • Study Guides

                   1.  God's House - Open House
a) Crosswords
1. Naaman
                                        2. Philip
                           b) Word Search      
                                        1. Word Search
                                        2. Word Search Key
                   2. Our Conduct as Witness to the World (from October 12, 2008 Bulletin)

  •  Websites

                   1. The Reformed Evangelism Taskforce of the Canadian Reformed Churches 
                   2. Reformed Sovereign Grace Literature (Protestant Reformed Church): Reformed  Evangelism           
                   3. Evangelism (United Reformed Church)